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Video Gallery

From Vandal-proof or Motorized to Weather-proof, the Mini Series 3.0 is born to update your vision. These bullets and domes have everything you can need in the smallest presentation. The 120° ultra wide angle lens broaden your horizon to bring unparalleled viewing experience. With revolutionary combination of IP67&IK10 and other shining features, the Mini Series 3.0 is ready to challenge your understanding about MINI. Ask us for prices.. and be ready to GO UP YOUR TECH

This unique face recognition on the egde camera empoweres video surveillance with high end features, integrability and strong hardware ready to face from impacts to extreme weather. Contact us for more info and prices for your project. Or go ahead if you're ready to buy a Demo Unit.


The Thermal Radar Hydra provides the unparalleled 360° detection of Thermal Radar combined with targeted surveillance from a color and laser illuminated PTZ. 

This gives you 24/7 thermal coverage plus the benefit of forensic data from the color PTZ. Contact us for support and prices.

Thermal Imaging Radar utilizes a best in class rotating FLIR Tau2 thermal sensor and applies edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify and Geo-Spatially locate any incursion that may threaten your perimeter.

The best and innovative LED display for your publicity, and unique transparent design, flexible to adapt to your space and high end quality tech. Let us introduce you to NEXNOVO and perform the best signage experience you are looking for.

Ready to be part of the new tech era?? IOT is impacting the world in all verticals and leading to a new era that we are sure you wanna be part of. Whatever your thing is... Internet of Things (IoT) is for you. Contact us for Technical Support in your project and prices.

The Thermal Radar Mobile Sentry Trailer is a standalone, solar powered deployment solution providing wide area thermal detection and remote steaming access to live thermal and visual video feeds.